Trademark Registration Abroad

Brand, patent and design registration can not claim that the territoriality principle protected in the same way abroad as a right protected in Turkey to which it applies.

Because the rights are protected only in the countries where they are registered, within the framework of the laws of that country. a registered trademark in Turkey and abroad patent or design protection is possible in the same way. Registration is a prerequisite for the protection to begin.

So who is or who operates out of Turkey to begin operating companies or individuals, trademarks, patents and designs must be registered abroad. Every year, hundreds of thousands of counterfeit / counterfeit product initiatives are prevented by trademark registration. Again, thousands of contract manufacturing is stopped by brand owners and subject to financial sanctions.

What gives you to own a brand abroad? It protects your product, service and commercial activity from the risks of imitation. It increases your corporate reputation. It guarantees your registered logo. It provides you with legal assurance on every issue, especially signage, printed and digital publications. Foreign Registration Types; Madrid Protocol and European Union Trademark (CTM) procedures in trademark registration, Hague and European Union Design in design registration, applications made within the framework of the European Patent and Patent Cooperation Agreement (PCT) in patent registration both reduce costs and provide rights registration in more than one country with a single application. .

Madrid Protocol; Turkey, 01.01.1999 Date of Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Marks' has taken their signature. The Madrid Protocol trademark registration system provides tremendous advantages to companies with a market share abroad. Protocol can be made for the registration of your trademark in the framework of Madrid, in the country of origin before, so it is imperative to have the application for registration or is registered your brand in Turkey. The most important advantage of the system; It provides the opportunity to register a trademark in 99 countries of the world registered in the Madrid Protocol as of 01.01.2017 with an international application made using four common languages and paying a single fee.

Community Trademark Registration (CTM) The Community Trademark registration, which is valid for all European Union countries, entered into force in 1996. Turkish citizens can also register a Community Mark in accordance with the Paris Convention and can provide protection in all European Union countries with a single application. However, the rejection decision in one country causes the rejection in all countries. OAPI (African Union) In this system, it provides trademark registration in all (16) OAPI UNION member countries with a single application. National Trademark Registration; Individual trademark registration applications are possible for a single country, and applications are made through attorneys in the relevant country. National trademark registration procedures are carried out according to the national application procedure of each country.