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During the Patent, Design and Trademark Registration process; Apart from operations such as objection to the decision of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and objection to publication; Lawyers specialized in patent infringement, design infringement, trademark infringement and patent invalidity cases are needed.

Imitating the product and / or method subject to the invention without the permission of the patent owner; Selling, distributing or otherwise commercializing the products produced in this way, although they know or should know that they are created by imitation; It is illegal to expand the rights granted by the patent owner through a contractual license or compulsory license or to transfer these rights to third parties without permission.

Yön Patent protects the interests of its customers with its experienced lawyers in case of disputes that may arise regarding Industrial Rights. It offers fast and reliable service by filing the necessary lawsuit on Brand, Patent and Design issues.

The rights provided by the SMK numbered 6769 and the services we provide,

Pink slip: It is a remedy for a solution with less cost compared to the lawsuits that convince the other party that the patent right is unfairly infringed and that a lawsuit will be filed within 1-2 weeks and that it will avoid these actions.

Applying to the Prosecutor's Office regarding the counterfeit trademark and obtaining it quickly through the financial police Demand of all the income obtained by the trademark owner by detecting all the loss of earnings or by selling the counterfeit products Request of criminal sanctions arising from the use of counterfeit trademarks Seizure of the machines used in the production of the counterfeit trademark at customs Determination of measures Preparation and evaluation of Patent License agreements Preparation and evaluation of Design License agreements Preparation and evaluation of Brand License agreements Trademark Owner Rights Provides an exclusive right to a registered trademark owner and the trademark owner has the authority to prevent unauthorized use of his trademark by third parties.

This right of prevention takes effect as of the date of publication. The scope of the rights arising from trademark registration is explained in the SMK numbered 6769.

Patent Owner Rights The patent owner benefits from the patent right without making any discrimination on the location of the invention, technology field and whether the products are imported or domestic production. If the patent application is published in the OFFICIAL PATENT BULLETIN published monthly by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, the applicant is authorized to file civil and criminal proceedings due to infringements of the invention. Design Owner Rights According to the SMK numbered 6769, “The rights and powers of using the design belong exclusively to the design right owner.