Geographical Sign

GEOGRAPHICAL SIGN A geographical indication is a sign that indicates a product that is identified with a region, area, region or country in which it originates in terms of a distinct quality, reputation or other characteristics.

Any product, fruit, stone, mine of a region may be different from that produced in other regions or a carpet, rug, fabric, tile, etc. produced in a region. A product may have gained a reputation for any reason. Using the name of that region on these products can be perceived by consumers as having a certain quality of that product.

Consumers may prefer the products sold under the name of the region in question to other products of the same quality, with a certain confidence in the name of that region. Geographical indications are divided into two as origin name and source of origin; The product that will receive a Geographical Indication; It is named Origin if it is produced, processed in a region, area, region with defined geographical boundaries or in very special cases in the relevant country and other operations are carried out in this region, area, region and country. Sample; Denizli Rooster, Kayseri Pastrami, Aegean Cotton and so on.

If at least one of the production, processing and other processes of the relevant product is carried out within the specified region, area or region boundaries, it is called Geographical Mark. Sample; Hereke Silk Carpet, Eşme-Yoruk Rug, Adana Kebab and so on. Names and signs that do not show geographical indication, names of products, plant species, animal breeds or similar names, signs contrary to public order and general morality cannot be registered as geographical signs.