Brand; In trade, distinguish products or services produced by a company or person from others
it is a sign that helps. Brand can be a word, shape, label, sound, or three-dimensional object.
Thanks to your brand, you will be distinguished from your competitors in the market !!

Patents are innovations made for the technical solution of a technical problem in the field of technology.
The qualities that an invention should have in order to be protected by a patent; innovation, applicability to industry, inventive step criteria.

Design; The products produced by companies operating in the same sector are
They are shapes and ornaments that distinguish their appearance from their counterparts and give an introductory quality.

30 Years of Industry Experience

Yön Patent, serving in the field of industrial rights (trademark, patent, design), was established in 2009 with its founder and expert team with 30 years of industry experience.
With the vision of increasing the competitiveness of its clients in the world economy by protecting the technological inventions and brands of Turkish industrialists in the light of its experience in the field of industrial rights, Yön Patent undertakes an honest, principled and trust-based cooperation in terms of patent.
Direction Patent, which has adopted the policy of prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing fast, reliable and effective service based on the principle of confidentiality, has a large number of application experience at home and abroad.