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The Trademark is the mark that serves to distinguish the products or services produced by any company or individual engaged with trade from the others. The Trademark can be a word, a figure, a label, a sound or a three-dimensional object. You are distinguished from your rivals on the market by virtue of your trademark!

Patents are innovations made as regards technical solution of any technical problem in the field of technology. The qualifications that any invention should bear in order to be protected by means of the patent are the criteria of innovation, applicability to industry and the inventive step.

The Industrial Design relates to the patterns and decorations that distinguish the appearance of the products produced by the firms active in the same sector from similar other products, and that give such products a promotional characteristic.

26 Years of Experience in the Sector

Yön Patent, active in the field of Industrial Rights (trademark, patent, industrial design), was incorporated in 2009 by the founder who has 26 years of experience in the sector as accompanied by a team of experts.

Yön Patent, acquiring the vision of improving the competitiveness of its clients in the world economics by protecting the technological inventions and trademarks of the Turkish industrialists in the light of the experience in the field of industrial rights, hereby makes its commitment on conscientious collaboration based on principles and trust.

Yön Patent, pursuing the policy of prioritizing the customer satisfaction, and delivering fast, reliable and effective services with commitment to the confidentiality principle, has a great deal of experience concerning applications both at home and abroad.